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I have also lost a lot of things – was all he said; while I was trying to control my tears that would not stop coming out, when I realized I had lost the bracelet she had given to me when I turned 6. Continue reading “Losses”

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And there she was, in the middle of a storm that was not exactly annoying her, only washing out completely all the layers that had been accumulated during the last months. It made her feel in the middle of two opposite sensations, again, trying to figure it out at the same time and realizing it was only possible to experience it without explaining precisely what was happening.  Continue reading “Fire”

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Después del colegio, despues de la universidad, después de la maestría, después del primer trabajo; después del primer libro, del primer amor, del segundo y el tercero; después…

Aún puedo recordar con exactitud la última vez que miré a mi alrededor, poco tiempo antes de llegar a uno de esos momentos cruciales en los que el final de un período nos amenaza con esa inevitable sensación de incertidumbre, realzada por aquellos que nos aman y quieren saber, ansiosos, qué va a pasar después; formulando esa pregunta particular que a menudo no sé cómo responder. Continue reading “Después”

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Little bell

The tickles of a bell woke her up. It was a new sound that reminded her about something she could not define clearly, or was it a familiar sound?

She started looking for the source of that tiny bell all over the place, but it was so subtle and harmonious that it seemed to blend into the atmosphere itself without giving enough clues to track it back. Continue reading “Little bell”