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…And you fall

And you fall….the moment you feel stronger, more confident and maybe going faster, then you bump into something that makes you feel completely powerless, vulnerable and heavy, so without anything you can do to avoid it, you fall. Continue reading “…And you fall”

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¿Qué es la magia abue?

Me preguntó con esos ojos que casi pesaban más que su curiosidad, a causa del sueño que la invadía poco a poco. La chispa de su pregunta, sin embargo, los hacía brillar como cuando los abría y me miraba al despertar con un par de soles radiantes. Continue reading “Magia”

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Safe periods

During life, I have come to a description of what “growing up” means. It is certainly not about being serious or getting all what we want exactly in the moment we wish we had it; and much less about having everything figured out. In fact, somewhere when I was still a child, those at 25 seemed so far away, grown up and ”safe”, since their life looked like perfectly structured as if they had solved the puzzle of their dreams and the survival challenge in the world they -we- are living; keeping the fun and their passions while producing enough money to skip the question of… are we going to make it next month?. Continue reading “Safe periods”