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…there my love, you have always been there, Here. I just can’t stop feeling the tickles of your presence in my belly, in the stomach of my heart. Even now, when I feel centered, even now when I can honor this magic and divine path…how can I tell you that what I fear is not having you with me anymore? Waking up and not finding you beside me….Where do I find the courage to tell you that even trying to let this connection go, it comes again to knock the door?….how can I confess you this unmeasurable love…it doesn’t hurt, it’s just love. It only asks me how many days I am willing to live away, keeping you far, walking only on the edge; it only wants to make sure it’s well prepared, since this heart has not found the courage to tell you why I am afraid.

You heard me when I tried, my words just didn’t make sense, my heart would not allow my tongue to express itself…I swear I tried, I was going to be honest and expose myself; I tried love, I tried… it was just a mess.


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