It is a paradox that being a chemical engineering, this part is not exactly about the last medicines, pills or patents that science has discovered. However, living in a traditional Colombian family and studying in a Waldorf (Steiner) school also showed me the enormous potential in the healing power of the nature surrounding us and living within us. Although I truly believe we can create wonderful things after understanding how nature behaves and the interactions between atoms and molecules, when it comes to our body I better trust its own capacity and perfect system to heal, when we provide the conditions it needs.

It has been my own journey, through a whole childhood and youth of rhinitis, together with a hormonal disorder that makes my cycle extremely irregular (Polycystic Ovary Syndrom), the best experiment to decide which kind of medicine I want. After taking the most common medicines for both (loratadine for the first and hormonal contraceptives for the second one), I started looking for different options to treat it and I found much more.

It is a fact, from my experience, how detached I became from my body, just taking pills to avoid the allergies and hormonal contraceptives to make my cycle regular enough each month. The idea of taking pills (not mattering the objective) forever was not the most appealing thought, not to mention the fact that at some point I quit the allergy medicine because I was immune and it did not work anymore. Once I stopped, I realized that although I was allergic to the cold and the dust, some times the cold was not affecting me at all and some others I was super sensitive; some days I could not stand when my mom was cleaning but some others I could even help her without feeling anything (something I could not identify taking pills every time I started to sneeze). Then, increasing the consistency of my physical activity daily and changing eating patterns, the allergy diminished considerably while living in Colombia and once I moved to the Netherlands, surprisingly, I did not die in this cold-rainy weather, and I completely healed instead. I just continued exercising and I also bike or skate every day to work. Moreover, I  continued exploring different ways of eating in order to give my body the best sources to heal. Maybe my body adapted better to the conditions I found here, but at the end, I do not need any allergic pill.

On the other hand, when I stopped the contraceptives my cycle went crazy (of course), but I did realize I had a disconnection with it in general. Fortunately, I started to find amazing alternatives; the first one was based on Chinese medicine and acupuncture before leaving my country. It consists on daily exercises I need to do, connecting points in my body that restore the link between my womb, my cycle and my mind (?). Yes, it might sound strange but it made me realize how far I was from my feminine nature, from my whole cycle and how my irregularities were perhaps the way my body was trying to tell me about it; still, I did not get it the first time. It worked the first months and I could keep it until three months after I moved to the Netherlands, but then the irregularities came back, starting when I had periods of a lot of work and less time.

Through the same search of an alternative way to re-connect to my cycle, I found an amazing Gift that life was holding for me at this side of the ocean: a book (Red Moon, from Miranda Gray) and a whole training with her in Oslo, Norway, to learn how to heal not only my feminine cycle and energies, but also how to be a channel to help others to do it as well. It is a path that is starting to connect different worlds in my life: after working with people under unfavorable conditions during 7 years, helping them to have different perspectives in life; being teacher in a Waldorf school and teacher assistant at the university, I am convinced how deep is my love to work with people and the possibility to share whatever might be helpful from my journey.

After all I am sure that our illnesses or physical unbalances are the language in which the body and the soul can connect to make us aware of the tasks we need to work on; turning the pain off just by taking a paracetamol, without even trying to understand what the body is trying to tell us, may just increase the gap between us and our “homework” in this earth.

My  path

  • Certified Moon Mother with Miranda Gray to give:

Womb healing and womb blessing – it is a process of ‘connection’ or ‘synchronisation’ to a beautiful energy which is always there for us to use for our personal self-healing and for restoring our womb energy centre whenever we need it!

  • Ten days Vipassana-Meditation course

Vipassana Meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka

  • Healthy and conscious sexuality-Certified Course: Promoting the development in adolescence and youth
    • Public Health Faculty-Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín-Colombia
  • Product and Process Design-Professional Doctorate Chemical Engineer Candidate
    • Eindhoven University of Technology.
    • National University, Colombia