First Group Womb Healing Session

Did you know that as a woman, you not only have a cycle, but you ARE cyclic?…. in any case -either if you knew or not-…

I am glad to be able to share this evening with you, in which we will have a Womb Healing Session. We will draw, write, talk and allow ourselves to express what is inside and experience how we can connect again with our cyclic creative energies. After the healing session we will share drinks (tea and natural flavoured water), and an acai bowl.

A Womb Healing session is an energy therapy in which we go through different points in our body, channeling the energy to allow ourselves to reconnect with aspects of our life we have depleted. Either because of a busy schedule, a rushing life or a noisy and demanding environment that needs results, we are not aware of what the feminine cycle is bringing us every week of every month.

This is a moment for us to start balancing again that part that has been put aside while we can get back and “rescue” it. The creative girl, the caring woman, the inspired and intuitive young, the spontaneous child, the sensual, attractive and mystic lady. Which ever we have delayed or ignored, it’s maybe time to enjoy again what those “different women” inside can give us.

….There is a lot to feel, discover and heal inside, a Womb Healing is just a tiny piece of an awesome path to get in touch with our cyclic nature and endless power to create and follow the wisdom of our intuition.

Due to the Energy work, we have limited amount of people who can join.

See you there!


Date: July 11th, 2017.

Time: 19.00-21.00

Place: Rauw, Nieuwstraat-Sittard

Price*: 15.-€

*The price includes the healing therapy, drinks and food which are essential and the combined accordingly to complete our energy work.


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Reserve your spot with us or with Rauw here! (The places are limited, due to the energy work).

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